Waton Metals is proud to offer CondenStop® products in our line of high quality roofing products. CondenStop® is used to prevent problems caused by condensation in metal buildings and roof systems.

The CondenStop® fleece prevents dripping and keeps building contents and insulation dry. First introduced 15 years ago, CondenStop® was and is the clear market and technology leader.

No matter what measure is taken, moisture will always find its way to the metal roof and into the roof system where it can cause condensation. CondenStop® will help manage that problem and prevent the adverse effects of visible and concealed condensation. When the temperature of a metal roof drops below the dew point, the CondenStop® fleece will absorb and store the condensing water vapour. The absorbed water will evaporate again to the ambient air under appropriate temperature and ventilation conditions.

CondenStopCondenStop® enhanced panels can be used in new and existing projects. Components like ridge caps, interior gutters and other parts that are prone to cause condensation problems can be covered with CondenStop® too.

CondenStop® Time-to-Drip
CondenStop® is a layered synthetic non-woven fleece with unique Thermoplastic Microspheres. The very large internal surface (up to 60 SF per SF of fleece) and the distribution of large and small pores create the critical characteristics for the effective prevention of sweating and dripping of metal roofs.



The unique combination of fibers and microspheres results in an unparalleled Time-to-Drip. Just a few hours till drip formation is not sufficient, building owners and users need a drip-free and sweat-free building 24/7.

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