Roofing Panels

Metal roofing is not only durable and long lasting, but also energy efficient and cost effective. Watson Metals has several offerings to suit your needs, call us at 931-728-8185 or stop by the showroom for a personal demo.

With an array of metal panel profiles such as Tuff-Rib, R-Panel, and our standing seam profile, we can provide material for almost any application. Our standing seam profile is available in either 12” or 16” widths and can be conveniently produced on your jobsite using our portable roll-former.

Standing Seam Panels

Are you ready for the ultimate metal roofing system? Our standing seam panel installations are second to none.

Standing Seam Panels at Watson Metals

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Tuff Rib Panels

Tuff Rib panels are the most common type of metal roofing used today. Watson Metals can provide you with the highest quality and selection available.

Tuff Rib Panels at Watson Metals

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PBR Panels

When it comes to commercial steel frame buildings, PBR is the go-to metal roofing product. If you need commercial roofing panels that span up to six feet at an affordable price, Waton Metals PBR panels are the way to go.

PBR Panels at Watson Metals

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5V Panels

When you need a product that's a classic, with a distict profile and great look - check out our 5V profile panels.

5V Panels at Watson Metals

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Watson Wave Panels

Watson Wave panels cover 36" and feature one less rib than standard panels menaing less crews. These panels have small striations, ribs on 12" centers and mimics standing seam panels. Watson Metals is the only producer of this profile in the Southeast, available in 26 or 29 gauge.

5V Panels at Watson Metals

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After you check out the details of our metal roofing products, give us a call at 931-728-8185 or come by and visit our showroom to talk about your project.

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