Swenson Shear Products

Now at Watson metals we are carrying the Swenson Shear product line. We can offer you metal shears of many types as well as snap tables to prep Standing Seam panels. Call us to check prices for Tennessee and Kentucky. At Watson Metals we are always looking for ways to offer our customers more options and services. Check out their web site for more details: www.swensonshear.com/

Swenson Shear Products:
- Soffit & Sliding Shear
- Pivot Shear
- Hip/Valley Roofing Shear
- Snap Tables
- ...and more!


Swenson Shear Products

Swenson Shear has been in business since 1959, when the original Swenson Shear was manufactured. It was just nine years later they were shipping their shears internationally. Swenson Shear has been an innovator for decades with their great line of products - and Watson Metals is proud to offer the full line of Swenson Shear Products.

Snap Table HD

Heavy Duty Pivot Shear

...and here are a few more photos!
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