What Is A Post-Frame Building?

Since 1997, Watson Metals has specialized in post-frame building construction for commercial and agricultural purposes throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. Many people come to us and ask, “What is a post-frame building, and how are they used?”. With our vast experience in metal building supplies and the construction of all manner of metal buildings, we can point our customers to the best type of post-frame building for their business or farm. 

The Definition of Post-Frame Building

In general, a post-frame building is a type of construction that is characterized by large, solid posts or laminated columns instead of wood studs, steel framing, or concrete masonry. These posts are embedded into the ground or mounted on a concrete pier, providing the main support structure for the building. 

This construction method allows for larger spans without the need for interior load-bearing walls, making it ideal for large, open spaces like warehouses, barns, or garages. 

The term “pole barn” is used interestingly with post-frame buildings. However, a pole barn is a type of post-frame building, but not all post-frame buildings are pole barns. 

Benefits of Post-frame Construction

Post-frame buildings are known for their durability, flexibility in design, and cost-effectiveness. They can also be quickly constructed and offer good insulation properties. This is why many people choose post-frame construction for commercial and agricultural operations, like ranches and farms. Yet, with the advancement of modern building materials, many people are using post-frame construction for residential home construction. 

Constructing a post-frame home or business structure offers numerous benefits:


One of the key advantages of post-frame construction is affordability. This type of building method requires fewer materials due to the strength provided by the interlocking frame and larger posts. The design also often entails minimal foundation work, reducing costs associated with concrete pouring and framing. 

If you have questions about the cost of a post-frame building for your property, contact us so we can scope out your post-frame construction project. You can also look at our three standard post-frame building packages, which may suit your needs perfectly. 


Flexibility is another hallmark of post-frame buildings. With support columns set further apart, a post-frame building can facilitate future modifications like adding doors and windows. This spacing contributes to the aesthetic appeal of open spaces, particularly in structures like barndominiums, which lack interior support walls.

Quick Assembly

Post-frame construction is also noted for the speed with which construction can occur. The structural design, often incorporating metal roofing and siding, speeds up the building process compared to traditional methods. This is particularly important when you need a building to fit a specific need within a short period of time. 


Durability and strength are assured in post-frame buildings, which can support a variety of exterior facades and require minimal maintenance. This construction type is increasingly popular for various applications in areas where the weather conditions are harsh or when the building may be unmaintained for longer periods of time. 

Energy Efficiency

Post-frame buildings are notable for their energy efficiency due to their construction method. The wider spacing between the structural posts allows for larger wall cavities, which can be filled with more insulation. This increased insulation improves the thermal performance of the building, resulting in better heat retention in the winter and cooler interiors in the summer. 

Consequently, this can lead to lower heating and cooling costs, making post-frame buildings an excellent choice to keep costs down. The overall design and construction of post-frame buildings contribute to their energy efficiency, providing long-term savings on energy bills.

Post-Frame Building Construction in Tennessee & Kentucky

For an efficient and cost-effective building solution in Tennessee and Kentucky, post-frame construction is an excellent choice. It offers savings in both money and time without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. 

At Watson Metals, we specialize in creating post-frame buildings tailored to your needs and budget. To learn more, get a quote, or ask questions, feel free to send us a message. We’re here to help you with your post-frame building project.

Coy West

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